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        ​Hello! My name is Brandon Szep and I am a Performer, Percussionist, and Magician, I come with northern roots and some southern influence. I was born and raised in Connecticut, I completed three out of my four years of high school in North Carolina, and I recently graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Samford University in Alabama.

​         Since the ripe age of three years old, I have always loved music, whether it is singing, playing an instrument or even just listening to music. Instead of asking for toys for my birthday or Christmas, I would ask for musical instruments including drums, pianos, guitars, violins, and some horns. As I progressed into pre-k and elementary school I started playing some sports including soccer and baseball, but I was not the best at them and I was not able to make a lot of friends. So since I loved music, and was not having the best time being involved with sports, around third grade my parents introduced me to musical theatre, by bringing me to see a community theatre production of the musical Oliver! After seeing the show I thought to myself, I could do that and I think I will have fun and make new friends. Turns out little me was right!

          This point in my life was a major turning point that changed me into the young man I am today. When I decided to move on from sports to my new love of theater, not only did I fall in love with and take on musical theatre, I also picked up a fonder love with music and I found magic in the process. Throughout middle school I was a full-time student while being in professional shows outside of school, playing percussion in different ensembles in school and outside of school, and started performing magic at kids birthday parties and other events.

            After I finished my freshman year of high school, my family and I moved from Connecticut to North Carolina. This was very challenging for me, changing high schools, moving away from my family and friends that I grew up with, and leaving the theatre communities that I was now comfortable with, not to mention moving further away from the "theatre hub," New York City, where I was taking voice and dance lessons, and going in for all kinds of Broadway, Regional Theatre, and TV/Film auditions. This was yet another major turning point in my story. In North Carolina I continued my performing arts craft in high school doing theatre productions, different band and choir ensembles, and still continuing to perform magic at kids birthday parties and other events. 

             Now after all those years of grade school, and four years of college, I am just starting to figure out who I truly am as a performing artist. I am turning out to be a Jack of All Trades, with my heart and talents being in more than one basket, but that is what I love about the performing arts. Being able to take on different mediums and skills, and roll them all up into an unexpected collaboration of music, theatre, tech, magic, sports, and so much more. To this day I have been in or involved in over 30 theatrical productions along the east coast throughout Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, and Alabama, including two Broadway National Tours, regional, community, and educational theatre productions. In percussion I have played mallets, auxiliary, and concert style instruments, but I continue to play drum set, and marching percussion instruments (Snare Drum, Tenors, Bass Drum). In magic, I have performed for kids birthday parties, neighborhood/social gatherings, and talent shows, throughout Connecticut, North Carolina, and Alabama. 

I hope you were able to learn a little about me and how I got to where I am today-I hope to entertain you one day wether it is on stage, a live performance or on TV!


Brandon was born to perform. He thrives in small and large venues, live or recorded events and has intuitive talents including singing, dancing, acting, percussion and magic.  


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Percussionist and Magician